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Knowing we are not alone in our vocational journey…to meaningful work, societal contribution, personal belonging, and more, often makes the way forward less daunting.

Many of us have been shaped by life experiences and real or perceived promises of a good life built over time through steady preparation and astute application of proven principles. Others have inherited resources and access to surefire success. And still others advance through a perfect mix of charm, charisma, and even luck. Think right place at the right time with the right makeup, and I’m not talking about cosmetics so much as unique composition, solid skills, and acumen.

Most all of us have achieved our goals with the aid of an advocate, be they silent or very present. They were someone who believed in you, your potential and the power of your dreams, and knowing they were in your corner, cheering you on, made your foray into the big unknown world promising.

Women Helping Women (WHW) has the very humble and distinct honor to occupy this space with those who entrust us as a stop along the way to their great futures. Day after day, we encounter so many amazing women, men, and young people who are navigating their job search with dogged determination to cut through the thick fog of today’s changed marketplace. Regardless of their story or background, each unique person we serve matters.

Behind our small, but mighty team, is a wellspring of caring volunteers, starting with our Board of Directors – 10 savvy women and men who balance rigorous careers as leaders within their business sectors, against the unapologetic personal demands of our present day. They buoy our efforts, and their selfless support, especially at a time when it would be far easier to walk away, will forever be appreciated. Forever.

Close behind our team and board are a legion of kind-hearted and whip smart volunteers from our partners at Bank of America, Capital Group, CISOSHARE, Citizens Business Bank, Edwards Life Sciences, JP Morgan Chase, PIMCO, Salesforce, Southern California Edison, and Union Bank, impart knowledge, tangible skills, and expand the networks of our job seekers in a safe, supportive environment. Several have availed their adept teams from Customer Service, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Sales, Social Media Management, and Web Design for exposure to new career paths. This Village of Hope which we’ve assembled out of the ruble of 2020, exists with all sincerity as one solution to the problem of unemployment. It is working and it is fun, and we look forward to growing our impact.

Daily, we look squarely in the mirror, challenging our ourselves and our model by asking hard questions to be relevant advocates for those we serve – knowing a lot is at stake – individual and family well-being and economic community progress. We are thankful to play a small, yet forceful role in shaping positive change.

As we march into 2021 with all of its possibility and very real challenges, know that we remain steadfast in connecting people to their bright future as advocates-in-action.

You are not alone.

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