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Unexpected Curveballs

Since we were little, we’ve been taught to think about our future, to think about what we want to be when we grow up. As adults, the questions continue to be asked by family, friends, teachers and employers. These questions about the future are one of the reasons we spend time planning our lives and careers. However, no matter how much we plan or how well we plan, there are always unexpected curveballs thrown our way. While a curveball is one of the most commonly used pitches in baseball, it is one of the most difficult to hit because right when you are about to swing, the ball changes direction.

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What is you next move?

Becoming a strategic thinker will allow you to exponentially develop your professional skill set and be that person who is constantly thinking ahead and outside of the box before making the next move.

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Getting to the Finish Line

It can be hard not to feel anxious, even dread, when we set a goal or begin a project which we have never done before. In the end, it usually turns out that completing the project wasn’t as hard as we had imagined.

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