Webinar – Getting Your Resume Noticed

WHW.Org - Online Webinars These classes are held online

A resume is an ever-evolving glimpse of your professional skills, experience and the value offered to potential employers. It is an essential job search tool and critical aspect of making a great first impression. This webinar is designed to help participants ensure that their resume is the perfect blend of modern style, optimal text placement, and relevant readability for both humans and applicant tracking systems in order to stand out and get the interview.

Webinar – Tell Me About Yourself

WHW.Org - Online Webinars These classes are held online

“Tell me about yourself” is generally one of the first questions you will be asked in an interview, and is one of the first opportunities to share with potential employers why you are the best candidate for the position. It is important to set the tone for the rest of the interview with a response that is confident, articulate and clearly demonstrates the strengths and value you bring. This webinar will cover how to craft an impressive answer and allow participants the opportunity to practice and get feedback on how they respond.

Webinar – Citizens Business Bank LinkedIn Webinar and Profile Reviews

WHW.Org - Online Webinars These classes are held online

Join us for an interactive session with Citizens Business Bank executives who will share some of their best tips on enhancing your LinkedIn profile and then work directly with participants to assess your actual profile. Don’t miss this opportunity to get an employer’s perspective on the first impression your profile makes and the message it sends.

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