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A very felt impact of COVID-19 is the closure of our physical site and migration to an online delivery format. While we embrace this new way, we owe a depth of gratitude to scores of volunteers who daily and weekly devoted their time with faithful, in-person delivery of our programs. Their talent and heart is unmatched, yet for adept management of our new reality, we are working with groups versus individuals at this time. Should we increase our capacity, we’ll explore what makes sense to activate.

If you are part of a group (community or corporate) and looking to give back, we invite you to serve job seekers as a partner. Hands-on training will ensure you are well-prepared to assist job seekers in need. This experience is a crucial and very rewarding part of our employment readiness program. Don’t hesitate and partner with WHW!

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WHW Capital Group Impact Day

Citizens Business Bank Volunteers at WHW!

UPS Volunteers at WHW

WHW Women Helping Women Corporate Partners and Volunteers

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