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Responsible stewardship of goods

Retail with a purpose drives the spirited existence of Deja New! Here, shoppers score quality up-cycled wares, including designer and name brands clothing and accessories to boost wardrobes – while aiding job seekers and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

This beloved boutique is easy on your pocketbook and uplifting to your spirit. It is carefully managed by fashion maven, Ginger Juarez, whose savvy knows no bounds. Her additional superpower is as a bonafide member of our workforce development team who is equally adept at providing quality input to a resume, LinkedIn profile or interview.

Shopping Appointments Available! 

Masks required and physical distancing in effect.

WHW Women Helping Women Orange County Deja New Thrift Retail Store

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Find an amazing selection of designer and name brands in our online store and shop Deja New from anywhere. New inventory added weekly.

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Schedule your contactless shopping appointment by phone or email.

Appointments Required

Voted the Best Resale Boutique in Irvine, CA!


“Deja New is more than just the great quality clothes at an extremely low price. It’s about their mission and purpose of helping those in need by equipping them with the skillset and experience to support whatever direction one chooses in life.”


“My first time shopping at Deja New was such a great experience! COVID precautions were taken, and guidelines were enforced, ensuring all shoppers stayed safe. I felt confident while shopping! Overall, Deja New has great selection of clothing, it’s super clean, organized, and the prices are such a steal!”


“I have shopped at Deja New three times, and every time I have walked out with huge bags full of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Deja New has great items, great prices, and great service!”


“The boutique is always looking fabulous, organized, and beautifully arranged. Love how they style the mannequins, and it always smells lovely in there. It is very inviting and welcoming.”


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