COVID-19 Safeguards

Here to meet your job search needs

Our response to the COVID-19 crisis is to provide employment readiness services that address the immediate and future needs of job seekers who desire to secure employment amid this new reality. We will focus on actively ensuring participants have access to the education, skills and information required to obtain a high level of job preparedness in five critical proficiencies:

  • Resume Development
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profiles
  • Effective Interview Skills (In-person and virtual)
  • Basic Technology Skills
  • Networking Skills (In-person and virtual)

To keep job seekers, partners and staff safe and healthy, services will be provided virtually whenever possible. In instances where virtual services are not possible, WHW will take every precaution including documented safety protocols and distancing practices.

It is our intention is to provide hope, confidence and community to those dealing with the difficulty of seeking employment at this time. All services will continue to be provided free of charge to job seekers and referring non-profit partners.

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