WHW Women Helping Women News Blog Post The Cost of Going the Extra Mile

There’s a saying that when you’re asked to go a mile with someone, you should go two, which comes out to about an extra 2,000 steps. Going the extra mile is costly. It often costs time, money, energy, and other resources. Yet, despite the costs, many of us will go the extra mile for our family, for our friends, in our jobs and in our businesses. We believe that going the extra mile is the way to show that we care, to support our co-workers, to move our businesses forward, to win customers, to stand out from our competition, and to earn the respect of our industry and community. Sometimes this is true and unfortunately, sometimes this is not true.

We may try harder to please someone, work longer hours to get the task done, make more effort than is normally expected and even sacrifice our own health to reach the goal. We do this all in the name of producing results that demonstrate our commitment to doing whatever it takes. But sometimes the results are not what we anticipated. Sometimes the results are only raised expectations, both physical and mental fatigue and decreased profit margins. Often the extra mile is simply not appreciated.

But going the extra mile always provides you with great return; return that may not be perceived immediately, but is priceless return nonetheless. Going the extra mile increases your skill set, your courage, and confidence. It leads to mental growth and the development of a positive and pleasing attitude. It increases your imagination, as you continuously seek new and better ways of doing things. It develops personal initiative and builds the confidence of others in your integrity. Going the extra mile builds your character, your vision, and inspires others.

Going the extra mile is actually not something you do for others; it is something that you do for yourself.

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