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What is you next move?

By |October 26, 2020|Categories: Job Seeker News|

Becoming a strategic thinker will allow you to exponentially develop your professional skill set and be that person who is constantly thinking ahead and outside of the box before making the next move.

  • Balancing work life blog post

Balancing Work and Life in the COVID-19 Pandemic

By |September 28, 2020|Categories: Job Seeker News|

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we work, parent, socialize, and for much of how we live our lives. it is becoming obvious that our initial short-term solutions to successfully juggling all of these moving pieces is not going to work indefinitely.

  • Getting to the Finish Line blog post

Getting to the Finish Line

By |September 14, 2020|Categories: Job Seeker News|

It can be hard not to feel anxious, even dread, when we set a goal or begin a project which we have never done before. In the end, it usually turns out that completing the project wasn’t as hard as we had imagined.

  • You Can Do It blog post

Be Uniquely You

By |July 29, 2020|Categories: Job Seeker News|

Always remember that you are the difference. Every experience, every place, mistake, disappointment, success, and learning has shaped you. Use these welcome and unwelcome moments in your life’s timeline to propel you forward.

  • The Cost of Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

By |July 28, 2020|Categories: Job Seeker News|

There’s a saying that when you’re asked to go a mile with someone, you should go two, which comes out to about an extra 2,000 steps. Going the extra mile is costly.

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